Teachers are faced daily with a multitude of challenges in their professional lives, not only with the day-to-day need to motivate and inspire learners but also with the heterogeneity of learners in the classroom. VedV is an organization of teachers and understands them best. Our vision is to empower, motivate, and develop teachers in India and provide a learning pathway for them to continue their professional development.

We empower teachers through both print and digital resources to create an interactive classroom and improve learning outcomes. Our resources allow teachers to spend their classroom time more on motivating students and less on replicating textbook information.

At frequent intervals, we create meaningful resources – Teachers Life Skills Notebook, Employability Toolkit, and New Age teaching aids which are widely appreciated by teachers.

VedV Publications Pvt. Ltd. has been known for working closely with the teachers to understand the issues of concern in their professional lives and offering all possible support to address those concerns. Many teachers tend to feel that they are functioning alone as they do not get opportunities to meet teachers from other schools or from different parts of the country. Our webinars offer a forum for teachers from different geographies to meet on a virtual platform and share their ideas and discuss the issues causing them anxiety. 

Workshops organized by us bring great relief to teachers who otherwise find it difficult to access information on the changes introduced by the boards of examination from time to time. With the innumerable responsibilities that teachers have, the teacher support provided by VedV Publications Pvt. Ltd. in the form of information, teaching resources like lesson plans, question banks, academic articles to upgrade their professional skills and provide welcome relief. 

Our core activity of publishing thus gets elevated to the next level as it is shaped by practicing teachers’ inputs blending with the innovative ideas of an experienced team of editors. 

As a votary of progressive educational philosophies, Our Education regularly explores new avenues for instruction and learning by engaging with teachers in a variety of settings:

  • Through skill enhancement workshops
  • By soliciting their inputs on published material (book reviews)
  • By encouraging authorship of educational material


Our exciting new division is making a name for itself among teachers nationwide, many of whom have already signed up for our wide range of teacher training courses.

Born out of a desire to help teachers face the challenges of the modern classroom, decades of experience in teacher training have given us the know-how to provide longer courses that really get to the heart of the changes that affect all of us who are involved in education. VedV Publications Pvt. Ltd. Training Services provides face-to-face and online training, both in methodology and language, while also offering consultancy and mentoring services for schools wishing to embark on bilingual programs. Ultimately, we want to empower educators, make them feel supported at every step, and create positive learning environments.

Emerging Trends in Teaching

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