Easy maths

Vedv Easy Maths is a series of books targeting to ignite the young learner's interest towards Mathematics as well as enhancing their ability for logical reasoning. Simple to complex, known to un
known and concrete to abstract approach followed in this book enables systematic study of the subject making it 'Easy Maths' for the learners.

Key features of the series

- Instructions in simple language.
- Exercises to bridge the learning gaps as well as 'Think smart' questions to challenge
   the learners.
- Let's learn - Explanation of concepts in a child friendly way.
- Try it out - Encourages students to try few questions based on their learning.
- Let's practice - Practice questions to reinforce the learning.
- Colouring Corner - Integration of art in Mathematics learning.
- Math lab activity - to encourage experiential learning.
- Let's do and learn - Hands on approach to learn concepts.
- Let's Revise - Revision of pre-requisite knowledge 
- Fun time/Fun activity - Encourages the reinforcement of concepts learnt in a fun way.
- Real life application - Discussion of application based questions
- Life skills and value - Emphasis on different age appropriate life skills and inculcation
  of value in the Math education.
- Integrated learning - Integration of different cross curricular learnings. 
- Math Game - Encourages the reinforcement of concepts learnt in a fun way through
- Based on NEP 2020 -  Suggestions of NEP such as creativity, experiential learning and
  project based learning are taken  into account.  
- 21st century skills - skills such as problem solving, art integration, experiential
  learning, critical thinking, collaboration and communication are being focused.
- Web support for additional practice material.